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Prestige Car Giveaway are the sole operator of competitions which then result in allocation of prizes won.

Prestige Care Giveaway

255 Birmingham Road

Shenstone Woodend



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Our Process:

Entry & Entrant

To enter any of the competitions that Prestige Car Giveaway are running you must be over 18 years of age and a resident of the UK or Ireland only. You must be prepared to pay any fee the competition you are entering requires in (GBP/£) unless the competition states it is free. You can enter any of our competitions for free VIA post to the registered address 255 Birmingham Road, Shenstone Woodend, Lichfield WS14 0PD. All the participant has to do is enclose details including their phone number, email address and an answer to our skilled based question. This can be done via the information given on the competition the entrant is entering. We use many methods of payment please see section P.1 for further information. The maximum number of entries for any one entrant is 5 per competition, free entries are only valid for a single entry. Any further entries made by the same entrant will be at risk of a NON REFUND.

The Competition

Each competition that Prestige Car Giveaway promotes will have strict instructions on how to enter, with the process being explained in full detail. This must be followed to give the entrant the chance of winning the offered prize. Each competition will have a different turn around time which will be detailed on each individual promotion itself. By entering the competition entrants are expected to have read all terms and conditions prior to entry which are held on our website only – not promotions made. Please see C.2 for more information. If we do not sell the minimum amount of tickets required, then we will extend the running time no more then three times. If by the third extension the minimum requirement has not been met, then a cash draw will be held where each participant will be given a number and the winner  will win 60% of the competition takings as a cash prize.  

Privacy Policy

Once entering the competition entrants are then recognised, along with the promoter that the promoter may need to use details from the entrants and other data defined by the Data Protection Act 1998 which is supplied by entrants to promoter once entering any competition.

The promoter holds the right either by choice or request, to disclose the entrants information to any relevant parties to prevent money laundering, financial or regulatory reasons, or any other legal requirements. Please see P.3 for further information.


The winner will be selected at random using a number generator provided by Google. A member of the Prestige Car Giveaway team will carry the competition out and announce the winner on a live video streamed on Facebook.

The closing of the any of our running competitions will be announced via our Facebook page and website thread. When a competition is promoted the running time scale will also be stated. It is the entrants responsibility to keep up to date with the competition they have entered, when it is closing, and when the winner will be announced.

There will be only one winner per competition and when announced they will be contacted to arrange collection of the vehicle. The winner will be expected to fill out the V5 for the car they have won and after doing so the car will be handed over. The winner is liable for taxing and insuring the car and the promoter holds no responsibility once the car is handed over to the winner. Once handover is complete the winner is fully liable for the car itself. Please see W.4 for more information.

The Prize

Each of Prestige Car Giveaway will have a different prize to be won on each running competition. Prizes vary from the range offered at that time, and within the competition held that the entrant will enter into. Please see P.5 for more information.


As the promoter we hold any rights to amend these Terms and Conditions at any time as these are created by Prestige Car Giveaway only. Any misuse of these Terms and Conditions will result in a legal requirement and any necessary action enforced correctly and legally.

Entrants must be made aware that the promoter (Prestige Car Giveaway) holds the right to make an entrant void without a refund – unless under the discretion of Prestige Car Giveaway – if any form of illegal activity such as fraud, false impersonation of an entrant, misconduct, any form of internet hacking, misuse of code of conduct, failure to pay entry fee before competition and any money laundering takes place.

Prestige Car Giveaway holds the right to no contact with any entrant or winner. By entering any of our competitions the entrant is entering at their own free will.

We do not condone any misconduct or abuse by any entrants or winners and hold the right to withhold prizes if legal action is required due to this.

Prestige Car Giveaway are not liable for any death or personal injury, loss suffered, personal failed issues towards any entrant or winner, economic loss suffered by any entrant or winner, distribution of prize to winner, giving full in depth detail of any car provided in any of our competitions, loss due to incomplete or incompetent entries and failed communications in any aspect or suffered due to a result of Facebook or website.

Each entrant when entering any of our competitions, also agrees authorisation of personal details handed over to be entered into a controlled database which is the legal requirements of The Data Protection Act 1998 (Privacy Policy Terms).

Cancellation of any running competition that has to be done, has been done so under the discretion of Prestige Car Giveaway before or after entrants have entered. Any paid fee’s will result in fee’s being returned upon the entrant’s request, and providing they can prove their proof of payment for the competition they have entered into. Please understand we will do our best to avoid cancelling any running competition but if needed to, it has been done so for legal reasons and as a duty of care to any of our entrants. The promoter has no liability to return entrants fees upon cancelling a competition unless the entrant contacts requesting so, with proof of prior payment being provided. The only time a refund is offered is if a running competition must be cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances beyond Prestige Car Giveaway control.

Prestige Car Giveaway holds the right to promote any winner along with pictures and videos of the winner with their prize on our marketing platform (Facebook, website and more) along with any reviews we deem acceptable. We will ensure to follow our privacy policy when doing so and ensure the entrants/winners duty of care is taken into consideration. We hold the right to promote a winner with their win at any given time.

Proof of identity is always required upon receipt of their prize win and collection. We will not hand over any prize unless identity is provided.


Payment methods can be made via;
  • Pay pal
  • Payments are non refundable and are expected before the competition ends.
  • Only 5 entries for one entrant.
  • No cheques or postal orders accepted.


  • More than one competition can be running at any time.
  • Each entrant can enter more than one competition at a time.
  • Number of entries for each competition has a maximum, if a competition has not hit the maximum it is down to the promoter’s decision (Prestige Car Giveaway) to either close the competition and award the prize to the winner or extend the competition.
  • The choice is down to the discretion of the promoter, a cash prize may be handed over instead if the maximum has not been met. The cash prize will be down to the discretion of Prestige Car Giveaway as deductions such as advertisement, marketing and more needs to be deducted to cover the cost of a promoted competition. Prestige Car Giveaway will always see fair to give the cash prize after deductions have been made and will inform the winner directly of this.


  • Once entering the competition entrants are then recognised along with the promoter that the promoter may need to use details from the entrants and other data defined by the Data Protection Act 1998 which is supplied by entrants to promoter once entering any competition.
  • The promoter holds the right either by choice or request to disclose the entrants information to any relevant parties to prevent money laundering, financial or regulatory reasons, money laundering or any other legal requirements.


  • The winner will be contacted immediately with a breakdown of what will be required when they collect prize via either email, Facebook messenger or telephone. If the winner is uncontactable Prestige Car Giveaway will wait 10 working days.  After this Prestige Car Giveaway holds the right to use Google number selector to re choose a winner that will be given the same breakdown as the original winner. The original winner will hold no right to the prize after their 10 working days as a new winner will have then be selected.
  • Once the winner has completed the V5 and handover has been made for the car Prestige Car Giveaway holds no right to the car, damages, worth of the car or faults. Please be made aware that when the car is being promoted in competition, it will be in selling condition and as advertised on the promotion.


  • Before handover is completed Prestige Car Giveaway owns the car.
  • V5 needs to be completed in order for the winner to receive the prize.
  • Prestige Car Giveaway holds no rights over the car once V5 is completed. Each car comes with a valid MOT in road worthy condition and the winner will be provided with a receipt for the car.
  • Prestige Car Giveaway holds no right to offer warranty on any car, provide a valuation of any car at any time, inform tax prices or MOT prices along with fuel and insurance quotes and costs. It is a requirement of the winner to decide and make their own enquires or seek legal advice before entering and sending entry fee to any promoting competition.
  • Under no circumstances will any prize be offered as an alternative if the winner is unhappy. The competition will be rerun and a new fair winner will be decided via Google number selector.
  • It is the winners responsibility to arrange collection.
  • Proof of identity will be requested once the winner has been selected and contacted to insure the individual is genuine.
  • Collection of the prize will be down to the winner and one other person to come to the given address to collect. Please do not exceed this amount.
  • Prestige Car Giveaway holds the right to not remind you to read the Terms and Conditions once the  car has been won and collected. Terms and Conditions will be promoted regularly under the discretion of the promoter. Please take this upon you as an individual, to read these upon or before entering any of our competitions.
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